About Us/ General Info

We are a husband and wife paranormal team ( Brad and Sarah) located in Indianapolis Indiana, we also explore abandoned places as well. We have been doing paranormal for about 2 years and have been to many haunted places. We are experienced and offer professional private in home investigations

We use scientific and also history based experiments to try and catch proof of the paranormal. We based our investigation on the history of the location and what happened to cause it to be haunted we do many hours of research, We have strong religion and incorporate our beliefs into what we do, we are very grounded in our religious faith.

We offer private investigations if anyone is in need of our assistance please go to the contact section and it will go directly to our email! We offer services in haunted homes ranging from common hauntings all the way to demonic and negative hauntings. We have contact to many mediums experienced demonologist we can help!

WE NEVER CHARGE FOR ANY ASSISTANCE OR SERVICES! We are here to answer questions and help anyone who may need advice or service. We stop at nothing to help others and help point in right directions in what steps to take if you may be need paranormal assistance

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