Past locations Investigated

Little Egypt Cemetery Located in Bremen Indiana, very small but eerie cemetery said to be haunted by an Amish man and many other lost souls wondering the grounds

Main Street Cemetery located in Anderson Indiana said to be haunted many satanic rituals have taken place where the bodies was dug up and used during rituals it is also said the devils child is buried here. very scary place we investigated

Paul Ruster Park, Located in Indiana. haunted by a little boy who was hit by a train.

Sylvia Likens Torture  located in Indianapolis Indiana haunted by Sylvia likens the house has been torn down where a vacant lot takes its place . still very haunted

Richards DAR House Located in Mobile Alabama, beautiful haunted home owned by the Richards family and haunted by the family.

Fort Conde. Located in Mobile Alabama

old fort the spanish used during the war as a bunker beautiful place with very good hauntings

D'Olive Family Cemetery

We have done this location multiple times and have caught tons of compelling ecidence

Fort Mims Lathem Al

Where Red Eagle stormed the fort and killed everyone.

We have investigated this place twice and have gotten many great evidence

Red Eagle Grave Site

William Weatherford was the man who was held responsible for the attack on Fort Mims. Our investigation here was descent a few good pictures and strange feelings and good EMF meter spikes

Saluda Hill Cemetery old town of blakely towns member burial site. A lot of great pictures one full body apparition caught tons of evps awesome location

Cry baby Bridge Anderson Indiana

legend has it a woman threw her newborn over the bridge and the body was never found. you can still here the baby crying to this day. good investigation here a lot of creepy things happened

Stepp Cemetery, located in brown county Indiana. very eerie place to be a lot of strange things took place here

Hells Gate located in Brazil Indiana. a lot of satanic worship has taken place here and demons are sad to lurk around along with victims of a training derailment years ago

Central State Hospital  opened 1840 located in Indianapolis Indiana. Massive Mental asylum which help the clinically insane a lot of torture and abuse happened here and the property itself is still haunting to this day