Meet Us

In Order from left to right :

Sarah, Carria, John, Brad

We started this group to find the truth and reveal that there is a life after death and that there are spirits amount us. We came together one night and decided that we would like to start a small paranormal group and we've been going since then. It all Started Sept. 2016 We all have been close friends for years

John: Lead Investigator

My Name is John I'm 29 I am the lead investigator my job consist of many different things like running the evp and other equipment. I have always had a fascination with the paranormal ever since my teenage years. I have had a few unexplainable Experiences throughout my life and I wanted run with it I have done a few ghost hunts in my younger days off camera and since then I've always wanted to pursue a possible career in it. I love what I do and I love being apart of the history of the different locations. I am married to Carria the Photographer, We have been married for 5 years

Brad: Lead Investigator

I am Brad I'm 28 I am the 2nd lead investigator and I run the second camera and also run the evp at times. I have been interested in paranormal ever since I was younger every weekend me and my mom would watch all the paranormal ghost hunting shows and I have had a few unexplainable experiences in my life. I wanted to pursue this as a career and see how far we can actually go with it. I am married to Sarah the Tech and Recorder, we have been married 6 years. I love going to different places and seeing the history and watching it replay itself on camera.

Carria:  Paranormal Photographer

My name is Carria 23 and I am the photographer, my job is to walk around and take pictures especially where there is noise or unexplainable cold sensations. I have caught many  orbs and apparition's on camera. I enjoy what I do and love reviewing the evidence I have captured. I am married to John the lead investigator, I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and what its all about.

Sarah: Recorder and Tech

My name is Sarah I'm 23 and I have always loved ghost and the paranormal I've always been open to it like a sensitive I guess. My job is to record and set up equipment. After an investigation I review footage, cut and edit the videos then add captions and different types of edits to it. Along with cutting videos and uoloading them to YouTube. My job is nonstop I'm always doing something with videos. I also make sure all equipment is charged and ready for use.  I also built this website and I am over the youtube channel. I also set up locations and get permission from places to investigate. I love what I do and being apart of something amazing. I am married to Brad the lead investigator. We have been married for 6 years.