Meet The Team

Brad - Lead Paranormal Investigator and lead film director for exploring.

I am 30 years old and have been interested in paranormal since I was a kid, I have been married to Sarah for 8 years, and we are an amazing team. I film all the abandoned locations and I am the lead investigator on our paranormal investigations

Sarah - Tech and Paranormal Photographer and Film director

I am Sarah I am 25 and I am the tech of this business I record the paranormal footage take the photos and edit the videos, as well as run the websites and the YouTube page. I also set up the locations book places and I am the main one who speaks to clients and responds to messages. I am the backbone of this business. I have been married to brad for 8 years and we are an amazing team. TEAMWORK IS EVERYTHING!. I have been interested in the paranormal at a very young age and have the ability to pick up on spirits and emotions.